AZ House

2019 | Sintra

Having as a main point the integration with the natural surroundings, the concept started from the intention that the build mass appeared in the middle of the vegetable mass. Its architectural lines result in a contemporary interpretation of the building previously presented on site. One of the key points in the design was to ensure the maximum relationship between interior and exterior; this is achieved through porches, gardens, balconies and large spans.

In terms of materiality, we used concrete with the stereotomy used for wood, this allows the perfect framing with the wood present in the negatives that result from object modelling – defining balconies and porches. The shutters were also planned as made of wood, with the intention of, when closed, closing the entire volume as one. Natural vegetation such as ivy is expected to eventually embrace the building, crating a space that changes with the seasons.

Functionally, the entrance is made through the 1st floor and is preceded by a space lined with wood, creating a very cosy atmosphere. Then we are welcomed into the social area, which works without any kind of architectural barrier, allowing a better flow of movement. All spaces have a strong connection with the outside. On the upper floor we find the private spaces of housing, and again, the relationship with the surroundings is emphasized though balconies in every room.


Technical Specs

Location                          Sintra
Project Year 2019
Conclusion  –
Construction Area 144 m2
Architecture Marco Ligeiro
Design Team Luís Pereira, André Caetano, Gabriela Garcia, Andreia Lopes, João Pereira, Sofia Borges
Building Contractor  –
Program Housing
Services Architecture Project, Monitoring, Coordination and supervision of works
Photographs  –