Eco Resort Tesoureira

2015 | Sintra

The project was conditioned immediately by the terrain which borders the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, thus we planned a tourist resort with typology of tourist village, adopting a philosophy of space that promotes direct contact with nature, and prioritizes its preservation and appreciation, via a sustainable intervention.

The whole project was developed from an intervention shaping the terrain and working with an almost total absence of soil sealing. Due to this, the landscape is just “spotted” by buildings that guarantee a closer contact with nature, while offering privacy, comfort and quiet. The major intervention was the construction of the reception and restaurant, as well as, the entrance to the resort that integrates the landscape through recycled materials and sustainable landscaping.

This project is thus composed of a reception area, a restaurant and several modular hosting units, prefabricated and movable, based on stilts, to achieve a total absence of soil sealing. The tourist units – bungalows and tree houses – are based on the principle of ecology and sustainability, adopting measures to promote energy efficiency, and streamlining the reuse of waters, waste, ecological materials, and a strict integration with the biophysics of the location.

In addition to the accommodation units, the project provides for other sustainable resources, such as an artificial lake/ biological pool and organic garden.


Technical Specs

Location                            Sintra
Project Year 2015
Conclusion  –
Construction Area 2320,44 m2
Architecture partnership ESQUISSOS and BLOCO6
Design Team  –
Contractor  –
Purpose Eco Resort
Services Provided Architecture Project, Business Plan, Financial Information
Photography  –