House MD

2016 | Carcavelos, Cascais

With a clean concept for contemporary details, the proposal considers the harmony in the transition and the connection of interior spaces in conjunction to the exteriors. Additional to this is considered protection from the sun and the creation of an architectural design with privileged views over the sea that connect the entire building both horizontal and vertically.

The proposal is organised based on two axes and is materialized through two distinct areas in terms of language and materials. These areas are attached to the garden and to the swimming pool. Additionally it is designed to protect the area from humid winds coming from the North, promoting the garden and on a higher level, a wide view of the sea.

The second floor highlights the materials and white colour, contemplating the street scale and creating shady areas. This projection creates a balcony with a privileged view while integrating the architecture with solar protection required for the large glass facades. The energy sustainability was an important matter considered for this project.

The glass facade turned south, through the solar incidence, allows a thermal boost during winter. In summer, the shade created by exterior shutters and the architecture itself, as well as the quality of the materials used in the construction, join the cooling through water vapour (garden and the swimming pool area), avoiding overheating. All these principles result in a functional and aesthetically appealing proposal which contributes to the enhancement of the interior and exterior space, in close union with the surrounding área.

Technical Specs

Location                          Carcavelos, Cascais
Project Year 2016
Conclusion 2020
Construction Area 513,00 m2
Architecture Marco Ligeiro
Design Team Gabriela Garcia, André Caetano e Luis Pereira
Contractor Pereira & Coutinho S. A.
Purpose Housing
Services Provided Architecture Project, Detail Design and Project Management; Landscape Architecture, Engineering Projects
Photography  –