House EV


This was the result of the renovation of an existing building that was upgraded according to the owner’s needs, with its own contemporary architectural style.

Given its privileged location with a sea view, everything was planned to establish a strong connection between the front of the house and the surrounding landscape, providing continuity from the exterior to the interior spaces.

All the social rooms were interconnected providing a fluid connection throughout. This is a holiday house so the creation of the symbiosis of space was an important element, as it allows the owner to adapt it according to the daily needs. On the upper level, there is a garden area with a swimming pool and a barbecue, enabling the owners to enjoy the location during the summer and/or sunny days.


Technical Specs

Location                         Valbom, Ericeira
Project Year 2016
Conclusion 2017
Construction Area 202,78 m2
Architecture Marco Ligeiro
Design Team Luís Pereira, André Caetano e Gabriela Garcia
Constructor Consiglieri Ventura
Program Housing Refurbishment
Services Provided Architecture Project; Project Management
Photography ESQUISSOS