BD Houses

2022 | Sintra

In a different approach to the typical set of twin dwellings, the proposal presents three isolated houses that favor the connection with the private exterior spaces, in an intention of privacy that allows to enjoy the outdoors comfortably.

The proposals intend to depict the archetype of traditional Portuguese architecture with a contemporary approach in the way the elevations are explored. This approach is notorious in the design of a slab that makes it possible to create a relationship between the scale of the street and the scale of the houses, mitigating the impact on the surroundings.

This gesture allows the houses to rise as a part of the landscape and not as a dissonant element, forming part of a whole.


Technical Specs

Location                          Sintra
Project Year 2022
Conclusion Built
Construction Area 580,25 m2
Architecture Marco Ligeiro
Building Contractor Solmetrik
Program Housing
Services Architecture Project, Detailed Project, Construction Consultancy
Photographs Ivo Tavares studio